Posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2014 by Cindy Williams
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One of the most commonly asked beauty questions is “What can I do to make my life easier and quicker in regards to hair and makeup?” Time and effort is especially important for brides. On, Lucy Clarke shows her favorite Little Cheats to use on your wedding day!

1. If you want a little bit of coverage, but not a full face of makeup, mix a pea size amount of foundation with your regular moisturizer. It’s a lighter way to even out your complexion!


2. While doing your eye makeup, hold a folded piece of tissue underneath while applying. That will prevent eyeliner and mascara from smudging and running down your cheeks!


3. Want to highlight your cheekbones? Use lip balm!


4. To get a quick “pout”, apply lipstick first; then add a touch of gloss to the center of your bottom lip. This makes the lip look fuller!


5. Use olive oil to remove stubborn waterproof mascara.


6. For fast hair drying, use a paper towel. It absorbs a lot more water than a regular bath towel!


7. Placing sliced tomatoes on your face for 10 minutes will brighten dull, tired skin and clear away blackheads!


8. To exfoliate quickly and cost-effectively, scrub a mixture of honey and salt over dry skin and rinse.


9. To brighten up teeth on the go, eat strawberries! Strawberries contain malic acid which serves as an astringent and can lighten surface stains.

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