Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2014 by Cindy Williams
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Unity Candles - A New Wedding Tradition


The lighting of the unity candle is a relatively new tradition that some couples take part in at their wedding.  The lighting of this particular candle symbolizes the union of two separate lives into one together.
During the lighting ceremony, couples can either light the ceremony in silence or have their minister narrate. Before the ceremony, two taper candles, called family candles, are placed on each side of the unity candle and lit by a family member, normally the mother.  The couple moves towards each other and stand on either side of the candle holder.  The taper candles (one for the bride and one for the groom) represent their individual lives.  At the same time, the couple will take their candle, and light the unity candle together.  Once the candle is lit, the bride and groom will place their taper candles back to where they had started, and blow them out.  By blowing out their separate candles, they are ending their separate lives and taking place in a new one together.


Like other traditions, the unity candle does not have to be done the same as everyone else’s. Some couples choose to have their fathers light their candles, or siblings. This tradition is meant to represent two families coming together and creating a new family, so how you choose to represent that is a personal choice. 
Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2014 by Cindy Williams
Posted Under: Weddings

Country Wedding


Did you know the most popular genre of music is country?  Country music has captivated the country, and it’s not just the music: It’s a lifestyle.
Rustic and country weddings have been a big trend lately, and it’s understandable why! Simple, classic pieces that evoke nostalgia and happy memories are what country weddings are all about! Who doesn’t want that when you’re getting married? has many unique ideas for the perfect country wedding!
  1.  Embellish the save the dates with a country-style design!
  2. Hold the ceremony outdoors or in a barn!
  3. The wedding party can arrive via hayride instead of the traditional limo.
  4. Cut the wedding programs into a cute shape, like a boot!
  5. Mason jars, mason jars, mason jars!
  6. A wildflower bouquet!
  7. A cowboy hat can be worn by the groom with his boutonniere attached to it.
  8. The bridesmaids can wear cowboy boots, as well as the groomsmen!
  9. As row markers, mason jars can be used on the back of the chairs.  These jars can also be transformed into wine glasses.
  10. Decorate the bride and groom’s chairs with rope, like a lasso or a tied knot!
  11. Top the wedding cake with flowers or tied burlap knots.
  12. Hang sunflowers and white lights from the ceiling or walls, if allowed.
  13. Depending on the cost and the rules of the venue, a mechanical bull can be rented for some fun at the reception.
  14. When the ceremony and reception are over, the newly married couple can leave by horse and wagon.

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