Picking the Right Band for Your Wedding
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When it comes to providing musical entertainment at a wedding, the bride and groom can choose a band, a DJ, or both. If they decide to only use a band, there are some requirements they should look for:

Most importantly, the band should be able to play your preferred genre and style of music. Many bands only play specific sets and genres, so if you want a specific song or artist to be played, it is imperative that you make sure the band is capable of doing so.

You should also ask if the band provides music in between sets. CD’s and iPods are a great option for when the band is taking a break, but they require speakers and either a CD player or an iPod dock! It is important that they have music playing so the guests aren’t sitting in silence.

Make sure the band is aware of the entrance songs, first dances, father/daughter dance, etc. Nothing is more mortifying than the wrong songs being played during a special moment!

Does the band meet the requirements of the venue? Most venues ask if the band has portable appliance certifications and public liability insurance. The band should check with the venues to see if they have a sound limiter and where it is set. The limiter controls the sound of the room.

Lastly, the bride and groom need to find out how long the band plays for. The sets can be 3 sets of 40 minutes, 2 sets of 45 minutes, or 2 hour sets. Whatever the bride and groom choose, they need to make sure their guests are having a great time throughout the reception!



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