Adding Flowers to Your Hair
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 Fresh flowers aren’t just meant for bouquets and boutonnieres! They can also be used as a beautiful alternative or addition to veils or headpieces! Try using some flowers in your hair for a fresh, unique wedding look! These are our favorite ideas:

If you’re wearing your hair in a bun, wrap some flowers around it or pin them to the side! A bun is a classic, but flowers add a modern twist!


Wedding Flowers in Hair

Want to feel like a princess? Design the flowers of choice into a floral crown. The flowers can be a uniform color, contrasting colors, or simple greenery! Baby’s breath is another great option for a crown or headband.


Embed flowers into messy curls! The look is wild and bohemian, but still wedding appropriate. You can also choose one large flower to pin into your hair, really making it pop!


Wedding Flowers in Curly Hair

Although the idea of flowers in your hair is traditionally bohemian, flowers can be used in all wedding styles, from outdoors to elegant! If you do choose to use flowers in your wedding hairdo, make sure you’re careful! Flowers should be kept well hydrated until the last possible minute and avoid spraying them with hairspray or perfume. Additionally, choose the right flowers for your wedding! Keep them seasonal and avoid flowers that clash with your wedding colors or overpower your dress, face, or jewelry.

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