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Relating to other brides and hearing their wedding stories can be reassuring to anxious brides before their big day! Past brides share what they would have done differently in Wedding Ideas Magazine.


Brides Wedding Advice


“I should have hired a wedding planner. We had a marquee wedding at home and had to organize every little detail by ourselves.” – Rebecca

“I wouldn’t worry so much about getting my dress dirty. We got some pictures taken underneath a blossom tree. They are our favorite photos of the day!” - Helen

I wouldn’t have been so hung up on color schemes. I was stressing myself out and just decided to put together the bright and the bold!” – Shelly

“I would have listened when the dress designer told me how to attach the train to my dress. We spent 30 stressful minutes trying to figure it out.” – Jenni

“The only thing we’d change about the wedding was our DJ. The prices do reflect the quality, so if you think you’re getting a really good, cheap deal- there might be a reason for that!” – Esme

“If we could do it all again, we’d try harder to take it all in. It’s a magical day but very surreal and it’s very easy to get carried away and lose hours of time in what feels like minutes.”- Sophie

“We didn’t have a videographer until it was too late. I wish I had someone capturing the speeches.” – Victoria

“I should have asked the photographer to stay longer so I had more shots of people dancing at the evening reception.” – Karen

Advice from former brides can be helpful in your wedding planning and is helpful in reminding the couple to pay attention to small details! 


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