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Who says brides can't go crazy with accessories?! The Westwood sure doesn't! A bride can wear as much or as little jewelry as she wants on her Wedding Day! Accessories are a fun way to jazz up the traditional white wedding dress and add personality or sentimental significance to the wedding day ensemble (something borrowed, anyone?). Follow these tips to add some bling to your special day the right way!


Westwood Wedding Accessories - NecklaceA necklace is almost always a must for any special occasion! However, depending on the cut and neckline of your wedding dress, you may decide to skip this accessory. If your dress has a high neckline (a recent trend has been vintage lace collars) or a lot of sparkles and embellishments, adding a necklace might be a little too much and the beauty of the piece can be easily overlooked and underappreciated. Pearl necklaces are a great bridal accessory as they go well with almost any neckline. Some brides may wear pearls belonging to mothers, grandmothers, or aunts to serve as something borrowed, and to add sentimental value to their bridal look. If your wedding gown has a halter top, something simple and elegant is best. A statement necklace could take away from the gown and the embellishments of the halter top, and also come across as too busy or distracting. When wearing a dress with a halter top, it’s best to play up your ears!



Westwood Wedding Accessories - HairWhen choosing earrings for your big day, be mindful of the size and style of the necklace you’ll be wearing. If you’ve already chosen to wear a large or sparkly necklace, perhaps pearls, small hoops, or diamond studs are best for your bridal look. Long, drop earrings are a great match for halter tops and sweetheart necklines as well! 


Most brides wear veils on their big day, but what will be underneath yours when you take it off for the reception? Not bland, boring hair I hope! Accessories like flower pins, jeweled headbands, and crystal pins or clips can make a huge difference in your bridal hair and give you more opportunities to accessorize and express yourself!

When it comes to accessories, less is more, but most importantly, accessorizing is about YOU. On your big wedding day, you want your personality to shine through your bridal look. Wear what you are most comfortable in and what really speaks to you. Don’t feel pressured to do anything drastically different or trendy for the sake of following a trend. You come first on your wedding day, and you should feel happy, comfortable, and confident!!

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