The Classic Wedding - Simplicity and Elegance
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What comes to mind when you think of a “classic” wedding? The white wedding dress? Pastel color schemes? The tiered wedding cake? Vintage pearls? Floral centerpieces? A classic wedding style can be simple and elegant! Whatever your idea of a classic wedding is, The Westwood is the perfect reception site to tailor your wedding day to meet all your dreams and expectations! Tradition is deep-rooted here at the family owned and operated banquet facility as it has been for 50 years now.  With our full service catering and in-house floral department, we can customize your Westwood Wedding from the menu to the room set up and over-all aesthetics!

If your idea of classic is vintage, key pieces for your reception could be ornate accessories adorned with broaches or pearls, rustic wooden centerpieces, birdcage centerpieces or cardholders, vintage lamp centerpieces, China tea cups, and ornate cakes stands or silver dishes. A classic wedding theme could also incorporate a black and white color scheme. Black and white is a clean, sophisticated color scheme that stays true to tradition. Your classic wedding reception could also incorporate a lot of lace or burlap pieces, a combination that is trending as well such as table runners or centerpiece materials. Tiered wedding cakes are a common image conjured up by brides to be, but why not add a modern twist to this classic wedding staple by including a tier of cupcakes or mini-cakes? It offers your guests a variety and shows off your creativity and trendiness while maintaining a sense of tradition.

No matter what your idea of classic is, our team at The Westwood is full of creative ideas to bring your dream wedding vision to life!

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