The Unsung Hero: Your Maid of Honor
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Everyone knows the wedding day is all about the bride, but what about the maid of honor? As your right hand woman, your maid of honor will be responsible for a good amount of the planning for your big day. Traditionally, she would be the organizer of your bridal shower, the planner of your and bachelorette party, and one of the first to toast to you and your husband as a married couple. She is the closest female to the bride, therefore investing a lot of trust and responsibility in her to make your special wedding day everything you could dream of. Over the past 50 years, The Westwood has witnessed many beautiful maid of honor toasts, as well as personal touches such as cakes, favors, and even centerpieces created by maids of honor for their best friend, the bride. While it is a gratifying title to be given, being a maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibility! The Westwood offers the following tips for our Westwood maids of honor and brides to be.

First, we start at the beginning with save the dates and invitations. The maid of honor can assist in building and maintaining the guest list for the newly engaged couple while the bride tends to bigger necessities such as reception sites, entertainment options, and themes or color schemes. Managing the guest list is a simple way to take a lot of stress off the bride to be, while freeing up some of her time and effort. 
Another way your maid of honor can assist you is by attending appointments with vendors. It is very common for new couples to both be full time workers, which can make it difficult to arrange meetings with vendors. Who better to tag along for an appointment your hubby to be can’t make it to then your maid of honor? It could actually be more productive! Have you ever tried asking a man his opinion on anything design oriented??? Girls could have a lot more fun with the creative aspect of the weddings while the hubby is off at work. It’s also a great opportunity for some girl time, which is key to relieving any bridal stress!
The maid of honor is often the unsung hero of many weddings, but she plays a crucial role in the planning, organizing, and day of production of the entire wedding day! Here at The Westwood, we love seeing the dynamic between our Westwood brides and their bridal party, particularly the main of honor. It is very touching and certainly speaks volumes about the importance of having girlfriends you can count on!

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