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Your special day is bound to be a whirlwind of excitement and by the end of the night you’ll feel like the past few hours took place in mere minutes! Put your photographer to work to make sure you preserve the very best memories of your wedding day! Here are some absolute must have pictures to capture your special day from start to finish!! (Be sure to pass this along to your photographer!)

Every girl loves getting ready for a big night, especially when it’s her wedding!! Have some fun with your bridal party and capture some great photo keepsakes while you’re getting your hair and make-up done. Above are some samples that we absolutely love!


Here is a super-cute idea to keep in mind the day of your wedding. Have someone take this picture of your bridesmaids on their phone to send to the groom minutes before the ceremony starts. It’s a fun way to heighten the anticipation, not to mention a cute memory to preserve of your wedding day!


This next image tops our list for a must-have wedding picture. It is a moment sometimes overlooked by the guests, but one of the most important to the bride. You’ll need multiple photographers to capture this extra special memory. Have one focused on the bride to capture a shot of her and her father as they enter the ceremony and begin her walk down the aisle. Have another photographer focused on the groom to capture the expression on his face and the emotion the very first time he sees his bride. You’ll be glad you did.



The most widely anticipated moment of the night is the first kiss between the new husband and wife. Here is a fresh new perspective to capture this important milestone.


Have your photographers stand behind the altar in order to get your guests in the picture. It’s a great angle to capture the memory and remember who was there to share this very special moment of your wedding day. The perfect first kiss picture!


When you get a chance to sneak away with the bridal party for pictures, consider this idea. Have each member of the bridal party hold up one letter to spell out a message to your guests. This is a great idea for thank you cards that are personalized and will help preserve the memory of your special day weeks after it has already taken place. Refresh your guests’ memories and let them relive the festivities by sending out a thank you card with a photo like this one!


These are just a few fun suggestions for pictures to try and get on your special day. Looking through your wedding album days, months, even years down the line will bring a smile to your face, especially if you see these extra special memories captured on paper.


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