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Bad weather? No problem! Many couples fret over the weather on their big day, but there are plenty of ways to make the most of your wedding weather!

The Heat

Certain flowers hold up in the heat! Roses can least in the heat for a few hours, especially flowers with darker colored petals. For your bridal bouquet, walk down the aisle with your flowers in a vase! A splash of water in the bottom will do wonders for your floral arrangement! Any seasonal flower will hold up better than others, so ask your florist what’s in season. When it comes to the guests, provide fans or parasols if your ceremony or reception is outdoors or in a space without air conditioning. They can even make cute favors, along with sunglasses or flip flops! Also be sure to have plenty of water on hand, storing them in coolers or a shaded area. Stations, such as a lemonade or soda bar, will save your guests from dehydration and keep the party going! If your reception is outdoors, be sure to have a shaded area with chairs for senior guests, who are more fragile in the heat.


Weddings in Bad Weather - Summer





It’s an old wives tale that rain on your wedding day means good luck! According to tradition, rain on the wedding day symbolizes fertility, a clean start, and the last tears a bride will cry. Additionally, rain on your wedding day can make for some awesome photos! Wedding parties holding matching umbrellas or bridesmaids wearing rain boots look cute and are unique photo opportunities! And a photo of your kiss as husband and wife outside under looks amazing! The cloudy skies and darker atmosphere saturate the color in a picture, unlike the sun which can make you look washed out. If your ceremony/reception is indoors, you’re all set! If not, rent a tent or move to a sheltered area. Guests may not mind a drizzle, but no one wants to stand in the rain all day!




Many people consider snow on a wedding day to be a sign of good fortune throughout your marriage! Snow may worry some brides, but it’s no problem! If your wedding day is in the winter months, plan ahead by picking a jacket or shawl to wear with your wedding dress or the bridesmaid dresses. Choose an indoor ceremony and reception, and make sure to keep an eye on the weather for travel and transportation issues. Have guests coming from far distances travel a day or two early, in case their flight or transportation is delayed. If it snows on or the day before your wedding, make sure your walkways are salted and shoveled to avoid injuries! If you wanted pictures outside, take them! Snow is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding and the photos are guaranteed to be memorable. To warm up your guests, try a hot cider or hot cocoa station!



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