How to Tell Your Dad that You're Engaged
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How to Tell Dad You are EngagedIn most cases, father-daughter relationships are one of the most precious things in a young woman’s life. Your father is your first example of how a man should treat a woman. He alone is supposed to demonstrate this to you through the way he treats you, your mother, and his mother. The bond between a father and his daughter is irreplaceable. Now that Daddy’s little girl is engaged, how is the bride-to-be going to break the news that she has another very special man in her life? How will he react? Of course this can be a very emotional conversation, but here are some ways to let your Old Man down easily.

The best way to break the news would be a one-on-one, father-daughter date. This way, he will not feel like he is put on the spot in front of other family members or friends, and it can help solidify the bond by demonstrating respect and sincerity. The bride should make it a point to emphasize to her father how important his role in her life has been and will continue to be. She should also stress that no other man can ever take his place. Although he is sure to suspect something is up, the bride can still gently break the news to him. A father’s biggest fear and anxiety about his daughter getting married is that she is going to love and care for another man for the rest of her life, and he will be responsible to love and care for her. By reassuring her dad that she will always still be there, and that she knows he will always be there for her, it can make telling him a much easier task.

If the bride and groom are concerned about the father of the bride’s reaction, it may be best to break the news together among family. To make things less tense, the bride can suggest having a family get-together or dinner party at either hers or the groom’s home. When the time is right, the bride can make it seem as if she is going to propose a toast while everyone is eating and socializing around the dinner table. Instead, she can stand next to her fiancé, pull out her ring, and reveal it to her entire family thereby making their announcement. By doing this, even if the father is shocked and may not have the exact words to say, the engaged couple can still have their family there to support them both regardless of what happens.

No matter how or where the bride decides to tell her father about her engagement, she needs to go into it with a positive attitude. It is important for any bride or groom to be to demonstrate to the parents how important their happiness is to them, and how influential they will continue to be in their lives. Parents put so much time and effort into raising their young ones, so it is understandable that “passing them off” to another caretaker can be an extremely emotional time for them. It’s out of love and concern, because no matter how old you are, you will always be daddy’s little princess and mommy’s little prince. You have been their number one priority for so long, that it will be a period of adjustment for them to see you depend on someone else to take care of you. As a father and an important role model, seeing his daughter happy is the greatest gift of all!

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