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Everyone has heard the stereotype concerning bridesmaids’ dresses: that they tend to be ugly and not the most flattering. This may have been true over the years, but recently brides are making more of an effort to satisfy their bridal party and pick dresses that can be worn again for another social event in the future. Members of the bridal party are typically expected to pay for most of their wedding day attire including not only the dress but often the shoes and matching jewelry as well. Read on for some of the latest trends on the rise when shopping for bridesmaids gowns!


More and more often we see brides allowing bridesmaids to select dresses of the same color in different styles. This allows every member of the bridal party to choose a dress she is most comfortable in for her body type, and may allow her to wear something more complimentary to her figure. Some variations include matching color dresses in strapless styles, one shoulder dresses, and dresses with both straps or sleeves. Even the length of the dresses can vary, with some ladies more comfortable wearing shorter skirts and others preferring a tea-length or even a full gown. Ultimately the decision is the bride’s, but flexibility is important to help all of your best girlfriends feel comfortable walking with you down the aisle. It’s important to keep their thoughts and feelings in mind throughout this selection process as well.


A second trend we’re seeing more and more of is the ombre trend. Yes, this can be applied to your wedding theme!! Whether you incorporate it in your floral arrangements and reception décor, or your bridesmaids’ dresses, it is the hottest new thing on the wedding scene! To master this ombre theme with your bridal party, select dresses in varying shades of the same basic color, as featured below! Another variation of this trend, pictured above, is to have the maid of honor wear a darker (or lighter if the bride prefers) colored dress to stand out among the other members of the bridal party. This has become a very popular trend as well!

The season or time of year of the wedding can influence the bride’s choice of color and style to pick for the dresses. For fall and winter seasons, dark, warm colors such as arrays of red, gold, maroon, and oranges are most common. Spring and summer weddings often feature lighter color pallets including but not limited to pastel schemes, bright, vibrant aqua blues and hot pinks, and beautiful minty greens just to name a few!


Last but not least, while the bride should not be a control freak, she should stand up for her opinion and her vision of her special day. Although the bridal party’s thoughts and feelings should absolutely be taken into consideration, it is one of the most important days of her life and should go as she envisions it. This is a very important day and everyone in the wedding should be happy looking stylish and gorgeous while feeling comfortable in their own skin!

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