Wedding Dresses for Mom
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Attention all brides!  This day is just as important for mom as it is for you!  Finding a dress for mom can be a fun way to bond with her and spend some time together before the big day!



To find a dress for mom, you can start out by looking through bridal magazines and websites! A dress for the mother of the bride or groom does not have to be matronly or old-fashioned! Though some mothers may want to dress modestly, a short, fun dress might be perfect for others! Like the bride, mom wants to look her best and feel comfortable at the same time.
Throw all of the typical ideas out the window! The mothers of both the bride and groom do not have to match or wear the same color dress and style. It is perfectly ok for the mothers of the bride and groom to wear different dresses! Try having one mother wear the wedding color and have the other wear a complimentary shade, like purple and silver! It will look great in pictures!
Mom should never overshadow the bride.  If your gown is simple, than moms shouldn’t be overly ornate.  You will never go wrong with something elegant and classic.  Make sure to communicate with one another about the dresses for both mom and the bride! While both of your opinions are important, you have final say over your dress and so does she.
The most important thing is for both you and your mom to feel happy and comfortable while you enjoy your special day! Pick a dress she loves and have a great time on the dance floor!
Wedding Dresses for Moms

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