Creative Table Numbers for Your Wedding
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Table numbers are a helpful way to organize the seating at your wedding! Most catering venues will supply table numbers, but they are typically plain. If you want to try a fun project for your wedding, customize your table numbers to add décor to your reception!


Using picture frames for your table numbers is an easy way to add some flair. Frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that you can specialize to your taste.


Creative Wedding Numbers


If you want to serve wine at your wedding, use a wine bottle with a number attached to the side of the bottle. You could also use champagne or any other liquor of your choosing. However, make sure to use a soda or sparkling cider bottle for the kid’s tables!


Creative Wedding Table Numbers


For something more sentimental, photographs of the bride and groom can be used. Each picture can be used to represent a significant moment for the couple. Table number one could have a picture from their first date, or their first vacation. Anything that’s meaningful to the couple will be heartwarming for the wedding guests.


Creative Wedding Table Numbers 3


You could also use candles with the table numbers etched or painted on the side! Thick, tall candles work best for this idea. For a country style wedding, you could use painted mason jars, carved wooden blocks, or chalkboards. There are a lot of cute, fun ways to do table numbers! Making your own table numbers could also be a fun project for the bride and groom or the bridal party.


Creative Wedding Table Numbers 4



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