Choosing the First Dance for Your Wedding Night
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First Dance - Wedding NightThe first dance between the bride and groom is a major highlight of the wedding night.  The song they dance to usually has a special meaning for the bride and groom, so it is important to choose a song both will love.

Deciding on a tempo for the first dance is a great starting point.  Once the couple decides on a fast or slow pace, choosing from a genre they both love will be easier. 
The couple should decide on a genre of music that suits both of them. There are many popular genres; from classical to country, that have songs perfect for weddings!  A traditional couple may choose to dance to Elvis Presley, while couples that love country might dance to Blake Shelton.
Choosing a vintage song is also a great option. Using a parent or grandparent’s wedding song is a unique way to honor a special person or memory, or the couple’s own history. If the couple were high school sweethearts, a popular song from their graduating year is sure to please. Songs that reflect memorable moments are a fun way to connect the couple’s past and their future.
Remember that the first dance is an important moment for the bride and groom, but should still be fun! Choose a song that is meaningful and enjoy your special night!

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