Do It Yourself (DIY) Wedding Favor Ideas
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Favors are a must for any wedding, but sometimes they’re not worth the hassle! Expensive, hard to transport favors can be a pain for both the wedding couple and the guests, but there are some simple alternatives. Favors that you make yourself are unique and won’t break your budget! Here are our favorite DIY wedding favors:


1. Cake in a Jar: Mason jars are a huge trend in the wedding scene, so much that they’ve become a theme themselves! Although they can be used from décor to lighting, our favorite way is for favors! Layers of cake and icing inside a mason jar are simple, affordable, and adorable! Buy the supplies at your craft and grocery stores and the rest can be done at home! Edible gifts are always fun, and sure to please your guests!


Do it yourself (DIY) Wedding Favor - Cake in a Jar


2. Scrabble pieces: These scrabble pieces are so cute, and can be customized to whatever you prefer! Buy some small tins and magnets to glue onto the back and you’re all set! Bonus: This can be a fun way to distress and spend some time with your loved ones before the big day!


Do it yourself (DIY) Wedding Favor - Scrabble Pieces


3. Tea or coffee! You could buy some tea bags or coffee and place them in small cello bags. Cut some cute labels or paper and staple the bag shut! Or, buy some ribbon (in your wedding color if you want) and tie a small bag with coffee or tea bags inside. So simple and so cute.



4. Soda pop: Buy some old-fashioned bottles and create some cute labels. Whether you want to buy soda or create your own flavor (tip: pour some seltzer and add juice or herbs, like mint), small bottles of soda add a fun touch to your wedding.


Do it yourself (DIY) Wedding Favor - Soda Pop Bottles


5. Flowers or potted plants: For an eco-friendly touch, plant some flowers or plants in a small jar. In addition to being a take-home item your guests will enjoy, they also look great in your reception! Whether they’re placed at guest’s seats or on a specific table, they look beautiful!


Do it yourself (DIY) Wedding Favor - Flowers

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