Wedding Send Offs - How to WOW Your Guests
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You’re finally walking together hand in hand as a married couple. We’ve all watched the classic scene in movies commemorating this moment with white rice thrown around the couple by their guests, but are you craving something outside the norm? Here are some modern twists on this timeless tradition!

Creative Send Off - Balloons

Greet your guests outside the ceremony space with pairs of balloons for them to release into the air as you step outside the venue! A versatile design element, these balloons can match your bridal party attire, your reception décor, or perhaps your favorite colors! It’s fun, funky, fresh, and will definitely knock the socks off your guests!

Creative Send Offs Sparklers

Perfect for evening nuptials, a sparkler exit is the ideal touch for your dream wedding! They are cost effective and super easy to clean up! Not to mention, they look great in pictures! Be sure to have multiple lighters or matches available for guests to light their sparklers before you exit the ceremony space!

Creative Send Offs - Paper Planes

For our crafty, D.I.Y. brides, paper planes are a cute send off for you and your hubby! Utilizing and commemorating your love for arts and crafts (and your dexterity!), these paper planes are also a cost effective, easy to clean up exit! This can also be a cute representation of your honeymoon! Consider using different colored papers or perhaps even printed maps to design the paper planes!

Creative Send Offs - Confetti

If you want your wedding to be a real party, arm your guests with funnels of colored confetti for your grand exit as a married couple! We can’t promise the clean-up will be easy, but this could be a fun pre-wedding D.I.Y. for yourself to distress, or for you and your bridal party for some girl time! Bonus, it’s also cost effective and very customizable! You can shred up excess paper or use hole-punches in all different shapes and sizes to add variety and spunk to your confetti medley!

Creative Send Off - Glow Sticks

IF you trust your guests with weighted objects that can be thrown, glow sticks are another perfect idea for a night time wedding exit! Although they may not be as cost effective as some of the previous suggestions, they can serve many purposes such as a favor for your guests and a prop to party with throughout the reception (if they don’t lose them of course!) Besides, don’t they look amazing in pictures?!

We all love the classic wedding couple exit to a cascade of petals, bubbles, and rice, but if you are looking for a key wow factor to set your wedding apart, consider utilizing one of the above suggestions! They are all quick, easy, and unique!

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