Summer Wedding Cake Designs
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To add a splash of summer fun to your Wedding Cake for your special day, here are some Wedding Cake designs, specifically for the summer season!

This cake represents a summer garden. With yellow Daisies and purple flowers mixed within, gives the feel of a summer, breezy garden scene. The icing ruffles and the purple and yellow borders on each layer adds to the design and the finishing touches of the cake.

This cake represents an ice cream orange creamsicle! Walking down the boardwalk and stopping at an ice cream station, or hearing the ice cream man around the corner from your house, this orange designed cake, along with the white and orange flowers, can make you feel as if you are eating a nice ice cream creamsicle on a hot summer day!


This Wedding Cake represents lemon ice! Imagine sitting by your poolside, eating a nice cold cup of lemon ice. That is when you know that summer has officially arrived!


 This cake represents the fashion of summer! Dresses, flower skirts, floral shirts, and flip flips; this cake has wonderful mixtures of colors such as pink, orange, yellow, and purple and lime green. These colors can brighten up anyone’s day and wardrobe in a heartbeat!


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