5 Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained at Weddings
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Having children at any wedding can be stressful, especially if they’re in the wedding party! In fact, questions about involving children are some of the most frequently asked! But if you want to involve kids in your ceremony or have them at the reception, here are some tips to make the day easier:







  1. Bring snacks! It’s almost a guarantee with young children that there will be some minor issue, but tempers are easily calmed with treats! Neat foods, like small bags of dry cereal or lollipops are great for keeping kids happy and distracting them from long waits or uncomfortable clothing.

  2. Expect the unexpected! Kids, especially little ones, can do anything from dumping their flower petals in one spot to sitting down in the middle of the aisle. The best thing to do is to explain to any children, clearly and simply, what their job is before the ceremony and have them practice. And, in the event something does go awry, laugh it off! It will be a funny memory in a few years.

  3. Have a designated adult! Instead of telling your kids to walk down the aisle and stand in a certain spot, tell them to go to an uncle or aunt, preferably someone they know and are comfortable with. The DA can take control if the flower girl starts playing with the bride’s dress or the ring bearer tries to wander off.

  4. Take their pictures first. It’s hard to organize pictures, especially with kids! Take their pictures first so they can play and the adults don’t have to worry about their clothing getting messy.

  5. Have fun! Let the kids run around, take off their shoes, and slide around the dance floor! Make sure you have some kid-friendly food, like chicken fingers and French fries, and have a kids table for them to sit at together. If the wedding is at a hotel, have a babysitter or teenage guest take the kids to watch a movie or do an activity so the adults can have fun without worrying about their children. Children pick up on stress from adults, so let them know everyone is there to have fun and they’ll have fun too!

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