Wedding After Parties are the New Trend
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After parties are becoming a big trend in the wedding industry! Once the ceremony and reception are over, some guests just aren’t ready to stop partying! The happy couple may also want to spend time with family and guests in a more intimate setting. Here are our tips for planning a wedding after party:

1. Location, location, location!


Wedding After Party Location Ideas


This is absolutely the most important part of planning an after party. It should be somewhere close to your venue and easily accessible. For smaller crowds, a hotel suite may be preferable. You could check with your venue to see if they have a smaller room available for you and your guests, or you could head to a bar/club. If you’re serving alcohol at your reception, be sure to have transportation or designated drivers available to take your guests. Some couples like to arrange for a party bus to take them to hotspots or to have the party on the bus! Whatever your style, call your after party venue in advance to reserve a space.

2. Guest List.


Wedding After Party Guest List


For some couples, the after party is reserved for them and the bridal party only, or just the family. However, if you plan to invite guests from your reception, it is definitely best to invite everybody. Only inviting certain guests can leave others feeling excluded or snubbed. You could include smaller invites when you send out your invitations, have ushers hand out small cards with the information, or just by word of mouth! Most likely, the older guests, like grandparents, parents, and their friends will choose to skip the after party in favor of going to bed! It is also recommended to have kids skip the after party as well, since the party will most likely involve alcohol and go late.

3. Food and Drink.


Wedding After Party Food and Drink


After dancing the night away at your reception, the meals served at your wedding might seem like a distant memory to your after party guests. We recommend small, simple food that differs from your wedding menu! Sliders, milkshakes, French fries, and barbecue are the food we’ve seen the most. However, other couples have chosen to serve mini pancakes, pizza or cookies and milk. Whatever suits your preference, have fun with it and don’t be too formal! When it comes to beverages, it all depends on your location. If you’re at a bar or club, guests can purchase their own drinks. However, in a hotel, reception hall, or party bus, the couple should either provide beverages or tell guests in advance to BYOB (if it is allowed in the venue). Water and soda are also recommended, for guests who do not drink alcohol or want something else to drink.

4. Dress.


Wedding After Party Dress


In a hotel room or someone’s house, guests will most likely change into casual and comfy clothing. However, if you’re staying in the same venue or going out, many guests will stay in their wedding attire. The bride needs to put more consideration into her outfit. She may love her wedding dress and choose to wear it for as long as possible, but beware: The longer she is in her wedding dress, chances increase that she may spill, rip, or harm her dress.

5. Entertainment.


Wedding After Party Entertainment


Although it is not necessary, the couple may choose to have entertainment at their after party. If you’re going to a bar or club, this is most likely taken care of. However, at a different venue the couple will probably have to provide it themselves. Save the DJ and photobooth for your reception and keep the after party simple. Like your reception, themes can be fun but are not necessary. If you chose not to have a themed reception, the after party may be your chance! Have a Latin theme, with mojito’s, salsa music, and a chips and salsa station; Tropical, with barbecue and fruity cocktails; or play your favorite 80’s music! Use iPods and stereos in favor of a DJ and purchase disposable cameras instead of paying extra for a photographer.

Remember: The after party can go as long as you like, but if you have a brunch or a flight scheduled for the next morning, make sure to set an alarm in advance and watch the clock!


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